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History and evolution
  1. Brand was established

    Year 2010

    Change is a sign of future
    X-ZONE leads us to step on the road of change and brings the aesthetics into life to create richer experiences of design.
    Taking the bicycle components part as a start point, X-ZONE keeps leading us to see the unlimited possibilities and more surprises in life.
    X-ZONE is innovative and insistent!

  2. Released the Pedal Bike

    Year 2014

    The design concept of Pedal Bike was derived from the balance car. By balancing the force on steps, the users can move forward with tips, go backward and turning.
    Further, it can train your balance and the strength of muscles.

  3. Developed the exclusive base of Pedal Bike

    Year 2015

    In order to get closer to users’ needs, we developed the exclusive base of Pedal Bike. Users can sit and step at the same time. It’s very suitable for the elderly and the sedentary office workers.

  4. Releasing X-mini push bike

    Year 2016

    We are proud of the X-mini push bike. It’s unprecedented in the sliding car market. We participated in the Taipei Cycle Show 2016 and won the gold medal of Innovation Design Award .

  5. Official website was established

    July 1, 2016

    Official website was established on July 1, 2016