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TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2016
APR 25,2016
The fifth " TAIPEI CYCLE d & i awards” is organized by the Foreign Trade Association and TBA, also commissioned by the German iF International Forum Design Executive. Under the intense discussions of the international jury which is gathered from the International experts in bicycle and design industry, they selected 48 winning entries from the 182 entries which are from 19 countries. Within these 48 winning entries, there are 5 entries to be awarded “Gold Medal” due to the excellent design and function and this is one awarded " Gold Medal - new ventures " selected from the enterprises which are established from 2012)
X-mini push bike [X-mini push bike]
APR 25,2016
The X-mini push bike breaks through the standard car design. X-mini is designed with adjustability to its frame angle, handlebar distance and saddle height, to give kids the best riding experience. It’s ergonomic and can be suitable for children in different ages.
X-mini push bike will be on display at this year's Taipei Cycle field, welcome to visit
APR 25,2016