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History and Evolution
  1. -1994

    Start –Up

    X-ZONE parent company, KUE=Q, established. In the beginning, ODM, OEM are regarded as principle. Because of the improvements of internal technologies and the development of capabilities and experience, KUE=Q(Q=Q) becomes the representative of quality and innovation.

  2. -2010

    X-ZONE Established

    Market survey: Embark on the road to change.

  3. -2012

    X-ZONE established the four directives

    Simplicity. Aesthetic. Function. Enviromental Protection

  4. -2014

    The First Pedal Bike

    After a year of research and development, the first pedal bike was designed. A second project, Transform, was established and it provided many surprises and promised unlimted possibilities.

  5. -2015

    The First Generation Prototype Finished

    Due to the demands of the market, we developed our exclusive multipurpose base for the pedal bike. The first generation of X-mini Push Bike was completed.

  6. -2016

    Acquire the Gold Award

    After two years of development and testing. The X-mini Push Bike met the requirements of multiple international security certifications. The X-mini Push Bike won the gold Taipei Cycle d&i award and also won the iF Design Award from Germany.

  7. -2017

    Production of the X-mini series begins

    Persisting with the concepts of innonation and adaptation the X-mini series products garner great attention on the market. In 2017, we showed our new products at the Taipei Cycle Show. The X-mini III and Shotgun Bell won the d&i Award. After that, we attended Eurobike in September, where the X-ZONE products were well received.

  8. -2018

    Launch of the X-mini4

    The X-mini4 took part in the iF Design competition in Germany, and we also launched the Trainer Wheel, X-mini O…..