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X-mini push bike [X-mini push bike]
APR 25,2016


X-mini push bike breaks through the standard design. It’s unprecedented in the market of walkers. The X-mini push bike is designed with adjustability to its frame angle, handlebar distance and saddle height, to have the most suitable riding position and give kids the best riding experience for the children in different ages.

The adjustable wheelbase is the key innovation of the X-mini. When the wheelbase is adjusted to a shorter setting, the bike provides better steering flexibility. When the wheelbase is adjusted to a longer setting, the bike provides a better riding stability when you accelerate straight. This makes it fun for children who are trying to ride a bike for the first time. Sporting a streamlined exterior and weighting at 2470g, the aluminum frame is CNC machined and can be easily folded to carry and storage. Patented in over 30 national countries, the safety of the X-min is further assured by the EN-71, ASTM F963-11, CPSIA and other certifications.

-Streamlined exterior
-CNC machined aluminum frame
-Net weight 2470g
-Lightweight and stylish
-Foldable body, easy to carry and storage.
*Unique features won over 30 national patents, passed EN-71, ASTM F963-11, CPSIA and other certifications to provide safety for children.