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Shopping notes:

STEP 1. Confirm product informtion

Click the shopping cart to confirm the purchase of goods & quantity , click “Next” to fill in the order information.
Taiwan, the outlying islands enjoy free shipping, overseas shipping extra.


STEP 2. Fill in order data and payment

Please fill the relevant information required for ordering, make the order confirmation and double check the related information. If everything is okay, please click “Send order confirmation”.


STEP 3. Order completion

Order completed, the system will automatically send a notification letter to your mailbox.

Bank transfer / ATM payment

  1. The store's bank account information:
    Bank: Taiwan Business Bank, Yuanlin Branch
    Account Number: 550-12-077687
    Beneficiary: CHUHN CHUAN CORP.
  2. To process the orders rapidly, please write the last 5 numbers of your account on the order to check your remittance. You can email the last 5 numbers of your account to [email protected] instead.
  3. If you don’t provide us the last 5 numbers of your remittance account and the bank won’t inform us, our staff will have difficulties to check your remittance with the bank soon. This is very important and helpful for our stuff to check your remittance quickly and complete your order.


STEP 4. Shipping time

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 4:00 pm
On holidays, the shipment will be arranged when we return to work, thank you.


Warranty statement:
  • If you purchase from the X-ZONE site, use and maintain the products in accordance with the use manual and maintain, you can contact X-ZONE for repairs within the warranty period. Kindly note that your X-ZONE " Product Warranty Card " is required.
  • Effective warranty period:
    1. Frame: lifetime warranty
      ※ Frame Replacement principles: the same frame replacement, if the product has been discontinued, the similar product will be placed instead.
    2. Frame painting and general parts : one year from the purchase date, including : front fork, shock absorbers, bearings , connecting rods , front / rear derailleurs , the shift lever , front / rear hubs , rims, handlebars , the standpipe of handgrip, seat tube , pedal, folding mechanism , brake grip , chainwheel & crank, side stand , fenders, shelves. ( In accordance with the warranty period of the original parts provided by the manufacturer )

  • The following conditions shall not apply to the present free maintenance warranty. When the maintenance services are provided, the cost of material and manpower will be charged.
    1. The failures are not in accordance with the use manual or maintenance.
    2. The failures are due to the collision , falling height , stacking or extrusion, stunts , accidents and the other external factors.

    3. Not repaired by X-ZONE. Not modified or replaced of the original parts .
    4. The Rental business users or the production is not in a normal operating condition.
    5. The parts of the normal use will naturally wear don’t apply to the free maintenance warranty , for example : tire , inner tubes, brake blocks , brake and gear line wire, tooth plate / flywheel , chains , cushions skin , gum grip or handlebar tape, bearings and seals for suspension fork or rear shock absorbers, as well as car circle (with the brake of caliper type).

    6. The malfunctions and damages are due to the improper timely supplies or replacements.
    7. The tire is punctured or hit by the other objects and results in a flat tire or puncture.

  • Special reminder:
    1. When your X-ZONE product requires the maintenance service, please contact X-ZONE directly.

    2. To protect your rights, please be sure to keep the product warranty card.

    3. When you need the warranty repair, please show this card. If you can’t show a valid card, you won’t have the rights of warranty repair.
    4. X-ZONE’s warranty applies only to the purchase from X-ZONE, ex shoppers ( like second-hand car owners ) do not apply to X-ZONE’s warranty terms.

    5. If the consumers modify the components by themselves, the warranty is automatically invalidated.