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Pedal Bike
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    Pedal Bike


    The design ideas are from the wheelbarrow. The Pedal Bike excludes the large occupied of space and hard study for the new users. It has a streamlined body size and is easy to carry. It only needs a small space for practices. In order to make the Pedal Bike moves forward, users need to move down their gravity that’s the reason why it can be easily operated by the users who’re trying to ride for the first time.

    It retains the essence of the wheel barrow. By using the force of balance and steps, it can change the directions (forward, backward and turning) depending on the users’ tips. It also can train your balance and muscle strength.

    To meet the users’ needs, we developed the exclusive base of Pedal Bike. You can keep sitting and step in a small space in order to achieve the effect of exercise. It’s very suitable for the elderly and the sedentary office workers.

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    Year 2011 Pedal Bike, design concept originated in the balance car which is with a traditional wood -based materials. It is increased the strength and diversity handling.

    Year 2012  Execution Conception -- 100% CNC machined aluminum samples , forward and backward only , the samples are widely discussed .

    Year 2013  Research, develop and improve the constructions, the second generation can be rotated arbitrarily. The Pedal Bike is created.

    Year 2014  Pass through rigorous testing and start the mass production, marketing in Europe, North America, Japan and other countries.

    Year 2015  Develope the proprietary base. The users can keep sitting to step. It is suitable for the elderly and sedentary office workers.

    Pedal Bike


    -Balance training
    Latest patented design. By balancing the power on both feet, the sense of balance is UP and the bike can be driven forward or backward.

    -Exercise the leg muscles
    Through the balance steps in riding the Pedal Bikes, the thigh and calf are appropriately trained and the power of muscles is UP!

    -Healthy Movement
    More exercise and sweat are beneficial to health and tighten the hip and thigh. The health is better!

    -The requirement of space is small
    You can start riding the balance training of Pedal Bike in the small space!

    -Quality Assurance
    New patented design, 100 % manufactured in Taiwan, passed the load testing and certified by SGS, quality guaranteed.

    -Safety Notes
    When you’re doing intense activity, please be sure to use a helmet, knee pads, elbow etc.


    Pedal Bike


    X-mini push bike
    The base of Pedal Bike for the leg training is suitable for office workers and the elderly. They can easily sit in an office or home and ride. Also, they can take this opportunity to train their thigh and reach the effect of exercises.


    Safe operational manual


    Safety Rules


    1.Before making any exercise, you should warm-up your whole body, move your major joints a bit and pull the tendons, especially the ankles, knees, thighs and waist joints.

    2.Use the proper and high-safety equipment, like helmet, wrist, knee and elbow pads and so on .

    3.Do not ride in the driveway, ramp, or on the ground with water or oil. Please choose a safe place to ride.



    Pedal Bike riding stepper car videos



    Pedal Bike training Videos


    Pedal Bike game videos-1


    Pedal Bike game videos-2

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    • SGS load test
    Pedal Bike Test Report P1 Pedal Bike Test Report P1 Pedal Bike Test Report P2 Pedal Bike Test Report P2