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Tai Chi Key Ring

Tai Chi Key Ring Tai Chi Key Ring Tai Chi Key Ring Tai Chi Key Ring
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Tai Chi Key Ring


Exterior intended use Tai Chi to do design
Tai Chi - In the system of Change there is the Great Ultimate. It generates the Two Modes (yin an yang). The Two Modes generate the Four Forms (major and minor yin and yang). The Four Forms generate the Eight Trigrams. (Key Ring Overall)
Astrotech - To ascend the heavy or to descend to earth


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  • Product introduction

Material: 6000 series aluminum alloy


Color:1. Black 2. Blue 3. Orange 4. Yellow 5. Green 6. Silverr


Unlike ordinary commercially available leather as protective effects of mobile phone protection shell, so that both sides get a protective effect, and yet gogoro itself round key appearance.


Tai Chi Key Ring upper cover and the lower cover from the six colors in choice of colors, to achieve a unique personalized key ring.


Assembly on the use of: "X-Zone Team" structure Patent Exploitation. Cikou way firm does not fall off, but also easy to disassemble.

Manufacturing CNC precision machining in Taiwan.